How to Do Gypsy Makeup?

There’s nothing more feminine than the right makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, the female universe is very wide and no one wants to get behind. For you who want to always walk in front and cool with rolling the world, today we teach you to do the makeup Cigana.

How to Do Gypsy Makeup

But do not think you should only use this makeup costume party or theme, it can be used for various events, preferably at night as ballads, weddings, birthdays, etc.

The gypsy makeup highlights the eyes too, so if you have small or little striking eyes, this makeup will help you with that. But get ready because this type of makeup draws much attention and you will raze.

The skin preparation is essential because no makeup is good if the skin is not prepared.

Let the preparation:

  • based on your skin tone to even;
  • concealer for dark circles, blemishes, fine lines and scars;
  • compact to provide the finish;
  • fastener or press the eye.

Your skin is ready to receive the makeup itself.

Fix your eyebrows with black eyeliner and gently with a black shadow sponge brush.

Cover the entire upper eye area with a copper light shade and a copper dark shadow esfume the soft eyelid and marking the concave eye. Pull the shade until the end of the eyebrow.

About shadow covers esfume a shimmering black shadow half of the eyelid out giving a puxadinha to the eyebrow.

Brighten the look with a silver shadow close to the eyebrow.

In waterline pass white eye pencil to highlight the black on the outside of the lashes. This will help to increase and open your eyes.

Now the cat leap this makeup is eyeliner. The line should be thicker and pull to the side to give the cat effect. Cover with an opaque black shadow trace of eyeliner pair that it can last long.

The corner of the eye should also have eyeliner and make the union between the top and bottom.

As I have already given to understand on, apply eyeliner on the outside of the lower lashes with a thinner trace the top. The line has to be quite close. Apply little opaque black shadow also on this trait, esfumando a bit. Do not overdo it because the bottom trace has to be thinner than the top.

To finish the look, use mask lashes that lengthens and can apply false eyelashes using eyelash curler to give a beautiful effect and to help unite their natural hairpieces.

Lips use red lipstick, those wide open, who have everything to do with the makeup.

To give a healthy air to makeup apply blush beige on pale cheekbones, making the mouth of the minnow apply only the ball that forms on top.