How to do Bouffant Hair

If you view the latest fashion trends, it can be concluded that at the peak of popularity again, simple, fast and reliable way to give your hair volume missing-bouffant. But for some reason, some women believe that shaggy hairstyles look vulgar, unnatural and difficult. In fact, it is a profound mistake because you use this technology correctly, you can make the image more sexy and feminine.

How to do Bouffant Hair

Plus fleece results in rapid hair growth, and does not harm their structure. The fact is that the massage performed in the process of creating hairstyles, have a positive effect on blood circulation in the scalp, which is the main guarantee for healthy shiny curls.

Terms And Conditions

To perform long bouffant hair technically correct at home, keep the following guidelines:

  • choosing the right tools and materials, which are made of good materials;
  • work is done exclusively on clean hair;
  • Choose a hairstyle, get out of your hair type and face shape;
  • fleece wet hair will cause breakage and dryness.


Fleece is accomplished give

Step By Step:

  • fleece, which is placed in a particular hairstyle, can quickly come to naught, as a result, prior to the initiation of the procedure to be processed mousse strings.
  • Separate the top layer of hair, the thickness should be about three centimeters.However, it is very important to take into account the thickness of your hair. Selected tease strings are not necessary, because they need to cover myself Bouffant.Om you ignore this rule, your hair does not look natural.
  • now flowing movements begin to make fleece from the tips of their hair roots.In no case do not immediately try to comb the hair over the Dean originally nacheshite part of the hair, and then climb a little higher. If your hair hard, each string is recommended to fix the color.
  • When the wool is ready, using a brush with natural bristles give the hair the desired shape, put in your hair.Then you can let go of nenachesannyh hair, so they hid parts of your work and successfully completed the picture. It should take into account the fact that funds cannot be used strong grip, the best exchange of liquid wax.

And finally, remember, if you just need something to raise the strings makes bouffant hair at the base of slightly more than a quarter of the entire length. But in cases where you need to provide light volume, teasing the hair is recommended. Do this procedure the entire length of the hair is necessary only in cases where it is necessary to give the hair fluffighet are performed on long hair. Hair-retro Bouffant need all the time.