How to Decorate The Window With Curtains

The curtains dress the windows so aesthetic and practical. They adapt to all styles of the more retro to modern carpentry: you just have to make the right choice among different styles of curtains. Depending on the type of window they can hide an imperfection, a play on perspective or transfiguring light. But that’s not all ! Curtains can help: blackout, refreshing, or otherwise réchauffants, know your curtain to match its destination window.

How to Decorate The Window With Curtains


  • wooden window curtains
  • PVC window curtains
  • Curtains and aluminum window
  • special windows

Wooden Window Curtains

The frames can be made of various materials depending on the time of construction of the house or the tastes of the

To dress to massive windows which frame is made of old wood, be chosen very theatrical curtains velvet or taffeta. Each curtain should be draped and fall to the share of perfection either side of the opening framing majestically.
For a single opening door window, and a stylish decor you can install your way “Directoire” curtain: the lavishly draped curtain side opposite to the opening will be topped with a headband. Place embraces high: a thick cord, embellished with a pompom give style to the ensemble.

In smaller homes or country houses, to dress windows in two wooden doors, choose cotton curtains , but heavy enough fresh color. For rooms do not hesitate to adopt a romantic style with chic monochrome floral patterns.

Very refined, the toile de Jouy is the safe bet of the moment Deco side. His red patterns on white background so characteristic certainly bring warmth and softness to your living room.

In the countryside, you can play the bottom plate by adding curtains checkered pattern, gingham or pinstriped. Authentic style and made sure warm!

PVC Window Curtains

The PVC windows are the most common in our days in recent constructions.

PVC windows with bright white color can adapt all types of contemporary curtains and give free rein to his imagination.
This modern material goes great with blinds and curtains in iridescent light and airy voile.

Legs curtains and eyelets colored polyester may also be used to decorate the windows and bay windows. Lined curtains ‘technical’ or refreshing réchauffants they allow you to make beautiful energy savings.

Curtains And Aluminum Window

Gothic gray or black color, aluminum joinery will be perfect with a design and urban interior. You will associate them with linen blinds boat types, or vertical blinds. Metal Venetian blinds further accentuate the urban side of your decor.

Special Windows

Some less conventional windows require fixtures or curtain adapted to their forms or their positioning.

To dress a skylight or “dog sitting” choose curtains on a swivel rail much more convenient.
Small curtains mounted on a traverse rod also will do.

To cover the skylight or roof window , there are fabric roller blinds blackout polyester or fiberglass kept in backstage. This type of blind, ensuring complete darkness.

Some windows bricked half moon require an articulated rod following the movement of the wall. The curtains should be light and adapted to the style of the room.

Sometimes multiple windows are very close together and do not allow the installation of several curtain rods : then ask a single rod with a width equal to the entire section of wall if possible the color of the wall it is based in the decor. You can then attach the appropriate number of curtains and stop by small screws stuck in the rod at appropriate points.