How to Customize Smooth Umbrellas

Soon summer will be at full steam and with it summer rains. And this year for you to protect yourself with lots of style just customize plain umbrella. And you can make personalization of the fruit you want, besides those that we will teach next with all the step by step.

Tips for Customizing Plain Umbrella

To make this beautiful and fun customization you will need:

Fabric paints or acrylic paints in color: white, green, black, cream and light brown;

Thin brush and thick brush;

Adhesive tape;

Yellow umbrella (lemon), red umbrella (watermelon) and green umbrella (kiwi);



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To make the lemon, start by placing the tape on the sides of all the yellow umbrella sticks. After painting with the brush wider and let dry; Place the tape almost on the edge and paint this part too and let it dry. If necessary make a second or even a third layer in all painted parts. Then make a rounded finish the corners of all parts. And it’s ready!

To make the watermelon position the tape around the entire edge of the red umbrella and paint with the green paint. Then place the tape over the green and red part and paint a thin white stripe. And cut watermelon seeds into the duct tape. Position this seed “mold” on the red part and paint with the black paint. Paint several seeds and let it dry. And it’s ready!

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And to make the kiwi, place the tape around the central axis of the green umbrella and paint with the cream paint. Then make thin seeds, on the tape, as was done with the watermelon seed and paint these seeds around the center cream circle. And to finish, paint a thin stripe on the edge of the umbrella with the light brown paint. And it’s ready!