How to Combine Leggings

What can you recommend a manufacturer, so this mark the left and right legged. Not that they were not distinguishable. They mirror, not anybody else. Another u-turn when all you have to do is stand in the morning, and you, not wanting anyone to wake, pot′mah odevaeš′sâ in the corner of the tent, using a headlamp. Here marking was not superfluous.

The second element of the test I have had with shoe boots.

Shoe covers for our kind of tourism-heavy artillery. Where possible, we try not to walk in them all day and put on the parking lots. Why so?Chaps have as a class outfit, has its drawbacks. They impair the grip with the surface of the boot, because kalosza closes the protector. They are heavy, their feel on your feet. Some boots are sliding with nogoi … In a Word, if not sleet:), we would, of course, did not wear shoe covers. But this lack of shoe covers as equipment class as a whole. Now let’s look at a concrete version of the shoe covers from Equipment that we had on the test. Cm. the photo on the right.

In General, the Equipment turned out to be a classic design. Kalosza, top from membrane fabrics, zippers, tightening below the knee. At least some sort of loop for ease of donning. In a Word, simple, basic design.

Test results deserve a good evaluation. Almost no slide, at the foot of the sit well. Shaft material-avizent, which, as is well known, good breathing. Not less than good and SOP, if rain, but the rain did not wear shoe covers such:). Problems with snow are not observed. Snow easily roll with shoe covers, melt not thought problems had arisen.

Finally, we have the test were “high leggings classic”. Proved to be on the good side, although experience them fully, walking knee-deep in snow, failed. The snow was up to a maximum of half the height of Gamache. In principle, this too is enough. KONST post-warranty services is interesting, but not uncontroversial, although good:). About what you can argue? For example, about ventilation. When you walk in deep snow, are unlikely to allow ventilation. When you walk through the snow, which is small, can be legged and tuck. As an example, the same shoe covers, described above, the benefit of lightning-clasp, gives the impression of quality and able to withstand such bullying.With a third party to “nominally seated gamašah” (a nominally these leggings sit well, do not slide, adjustable Stirrup under the shoe are on top flexible fastener) is much prettier than in podvernutyh. In a Word, ventilation, in General, approve, gum on Shin-appreciate (leggings in this place not less parusjat rub against each other). The main thesis of the “approval” ventilation was this: in the morning you put leggings on fresh mind, and went, for example, in deep snow. And then came out to present. And then again fell into deep snow. Every time podvoračivat′-deploy leggings? No: at present (the road), opened the ventilation.

I give the floor to m. Kamencevu, responsible for test Gamache.

Appearance: before this gamašami had to deal with many firms, and leggings from the Equipment most certainly “novoročennye”. Note a few things-fastening system, which avoids slippage; ventilation, especially in connection with the big aktul′naâ long. Beautiful!

Scope of application: Leggings this long it makes sense to apply for greater snow cover, typical for past winters in our latitudes. Application for foot (not winter) tourism, I think, worth considering if there is a very heavy load, because in spite of the additional charge. ventâlâciû feet will be hot when the air temperature is over 5-minute 7-degrees. The material is water resistant, so you can safely go on gamašah swamp areas.

Cons: the main minus is a consequence of the virtues: fancy design, combined with waterproof material makes the leggings large enough. For sports and use more appropriate to use more lightweight Leggings Outfit Light or Leggings Outfit Mini.

Instead of the Conclusion.

We tested a variety of upholstery fabric and Gamache production “Equipment”. Each model has its pros and cons. “Universal” ideal, of course, did not happen. But the choice is wide, you can pick up the option. For example, I for their campaigns now opt for a combination of “classical” shoe covers (deep snow, bivouac) + “legged mini (winter)” (movement along the route).