How to Combine Jeggings

The Jeggings will last in time?

The positioning of jeggings is quite tricky: between two categories, it could be quickly relegated to the bottom drawer if it does not meet the best of both worlds: the elasticity and softness of a hand, and secondly the appearance Denim that we love so much, with trompe l’oeil seams and other small essential details that the “new modes” continue to highlight for many decades. As the “Stretch” pants we once adored the jeggings is very comfortable to wear and fits all body types. In general, it also takes much hotter than regular leggings, being much thicker and thus offers a nice alternative for the winter season.

In summary, jeggings settles on the shelves, and is not ready to leave! Comfortable, elastic, offering an in-between interesting and ever more daring looks, it will probably a place in your dressing room, throughout the year. And the timeless hand, we bet he will adapt to all the new colors and trends for the next seasons. Check PhysicsCat for how to combine leggings.