How to Combine Jeggings

After the return of the famous sticky Footless I named the leggings, the jegging has just made its appearance on the market…

Is called to a bright future?

No one knows yet if this is just a temporary, or if all mode fashion freaks will grab him for years…

Whatever it is, there’s a clothing trend that highlights the silhouette.

Is it over Leggings or jeans?

Even if it has the same appearance as a pair of jeans, it is indeed of a legging and it must be considered as such.

It is therefore not to accompany same tops for jeans.

Strongly resembling the legging, it is better to wear it with high long.

Find a maxi leggings of clothing tips by joining the portal of women’s fashion at the forefront of the trend of the moment.

With wearing jeggings?

Those who have the proper morphology are not likely to be disappointed and would be even wrong to leave out a garment as stylish as the jeggings.

Indeed, how to miss this fashion phenomenon and not take advantage of the beautiful days highlighting its female forms while remaining dressed.

For example, why not wear it with a wide and colorful top, down below the buttocks, with another small high very short threaded on top…

So, make a statement on the street or at your festive parties.

Shoes, it is common to wear flats or other flat shoes.

Nothing forbids you to dare shoes high type sandals, mounted on padded heels.

With Accessories like the mini-talons, and even, why not, high heels, you will grow your figure and will add to the sleek style of your personality!

  • How are they?
  • Can everyone wear them?
  • What accessories you choose?