How To Clean Baby Toys

Babies usually have lots of toys, after all they get not only from their parents but from the whole family. They are usually spread around the house, arranged on shelves or even on the floor.

In this way, the cleaning of toys is something of fundamental importance, but still receives little attention from parents.


Toys, whether they are used more or less, are subject to dust, moisture, insects and bacteria. When food is made close to toys, debris can still contribute to the proliferation – even if not visible to the naked eye – of harmful microorganisms.

The Importance Of Proper Cleaning

The correct cleaning of the toy makes your child stay healthy, without risk, and that the object lasts longer, providing more hours and fun.

In the early years of life, the mess of toys will easily stop in the body of the little ones because they put everything immediately in the mouth. Then, over time, the dirty hand will wipe eyes, mouth and nose. Therefore, parents should create a cleaning routine, not doing it sporadically.

No exaggeration

Parents, however, should not become paranoid and overprotect their children. The “dirt” is important to strengthen the children’s resistance – which does not mean to make everything unclean.

How To Clean

Most toys can be cleaned with water, soap and alcohol. Before anything else, please note on the toy label or in the manual provided by the manufacturer how cleaning should be done, so as not to spoil it.

Always have a basic cleaning kit in place: soft cloth, 70% alcohol in gel, neutral soap (preferably liquid), old toothbrush.

Also create a routine, as has already been said. Choose a day of the week to perform the cleaning without fail.