How to Choose Your Inflatable Mattress

The inflatable mattress is much used by campers, especially those who go camping organized / structured.

The mattresses were losing space as the mattresses evolved. A mattress today has almost the same price as a mattress, and anyone who has slept in it knows well the hardness, with the pardon of the pun, that is.


Even when I started camping, I bought only a double mattress … I did not sleep all night, all the covers I had taken to cover me that day, I put it under the mattress to see if it was softer, but even then it did not help. As soon as I returned I went to a store and bought an inflatable mattress from Nautika, Zenite II. Then things got better.

In the market one can buy several options of inflatable mattresses. Single, double, with built-in pillow, with air pump coupled, etc…

When choosing, think of the following possibilities:

A double air mattress has a small problem, when one of the two people moves, the one that is sleeping next to fatally a jump and “sometimes” can wake up … to minimize this I leave the mattress always full, despite this The double mattress is smaller and there is more space in the tent. If space is not your problem think about the possibility of buying two single mattresses.

Mattresses with a built-in pillow may be more comfortable when packing, but you may feel sick from it, it can not be removed.

Electric inflators can make the task of filling the mattress very quiet. Remember that they often run the electric power or car battery. If you go without energy, not even a car can forget. It is worth remembering that not all inflators have the option of electric power and car battery in the same device, check before purchase. The electric inflators often do not accompany the mattress and will need to pay another money for it, around 35 to 50 reais.

The mattresses with the inflated pump are heavier than the others, but have the advantage of not having to carry anything besides the mattress.

Kingsize mattresses are more comfortable but in addition to taking more space in the tent are more expensive, heavier, take longer to inflate and like all inflatable mattresses the repair is not always sure of a good mattress again, so the loss “$$” will be bigger.

What I use: As I said I use Zenith II from Nautika. Very good. I wake up a lot at night, almost every time my girlfriend moves. This mattress has the built-in inflation pump. I fill the mattress with this pump, but before long I bought a small inflation pump, I paid R $ 2.50, to give that final closing. There comes a point that the mattress pump does not fill it anymore, then I get this little bomb and only complete at the end. This is my choice, each one fills up as much as you think is best.

A technique to know if he’s full. Only sit and rest your buttocks on part of the mattress, suspending your legs and arms. If your body does not touch the floor, the pressure is good.Do not over inflate not to force the mattress splices. Whenever you inflate it the next day you will have to strengthen the internal pressure due to the elasticity of the mattress that was accustomed to the empty shape.

It is worth remembering that the inflatable mattress helps to isolate the temperature of the soil, but alone it will not make any difference, have a thermal insulation.

Average price of an Intex brand double inflatable mattress, (good brand, I recommend, especially for the price) without pump built-in and without pillow. Couple R $ 50,00, single 30,00. Ideal pump to inflate them to R $ 10,00 reais.

If you want to take a look here, you will find good options for inflators and their characteristics.