How to Choose Tights Under Clothing

In our article How to choose tights under clothing advise you how to choose the pantyhose. In the wardrobe of the modern woman tights do not like snake breeze. They must be carefully chosen so that adorn our feet. The store offers various types of tights, lace, striped, color and crystals. How to choose a suitable pantyhose? How to care for stockings to raise the amount that needs to be done better and worn tights are fashionable in 2010? What is DEN?

To celebrate the tights density using such thing as DEN. This term denotes lair weight 9 km long fiber, in grams.For example, socks, whereby the density DEN 20 means that the length of 9000 meters, weighs 20 grams

On the same density thin tights least 15 DEN, put them to social events or in hot weather. These tights are very thin, just quietly. Stocking density 15-20 DEN, because they have low density, they wear during the summer.

Density tights 40 DEN suggests that these tights fit in autumn and spring. In cold weather more suited tights 50-180 DEN, because it is health care or modeling stocking

Density is different for different parts of pantyhose, for example, density tights 40 DEN, in tights shortykov, heels, mыskah density reaches 70 DEN.

Composition tights If the composition of lycra tights is leggings, it turns out that they do not extend retains its original shape even after long socks. But if the percentage laykrы be less than 10% lycra that will be stored only in pantyhose belt. When percent laykrы more than 30%, which is medically tights. It may also be included microfiber tights, they are thin fibers that provide strength, softness and silkiness. These tights are usually more expensive and warm often warm tights made from adding artificial wool acrylic. These tights are characterized by low prices and softness, they quickly appeared katыshky.

How to choose tights size depending on the thighs the size, weight, height pantyhose to its size. Meeting marking SML-XL, but sometimes panty size figure of 1-6. The smallest one that is almost impossible to find. And these letters mean XL (extra larde) is very large, L (larde) wide, M (medium) Average, S (small) small When buying tights best to focus on the table, which is the size packaging, each company may differ. There is one caveat, in case of doubt, note the size kolhotы more because little pantyhose crawl shooters