How to Choose the Right Size of the Clothes

Be a pretty dress is way beyond choose pretty clothes and present in any new shop around, if you make a mistake in your clothing size ugly probably will lose many points of elegance and style. Here are some tips on how to buy clothes that fit perfectly on you:

1-Know your measurements

Know your measurements can greatly facilitate purchases of clothes, especially online, because many stores detailing length of torso, chest, sleeves and legs, plus the collar circumference to keep elegance and style, as you are buying “in the dark”, because you can’t prove it before, this information is essential to acquire the correct product.

2–Meet your mannequin

Meet your mannequin is also very useful in time to get some piece of tailoring. The image below helps you find your numbering from your measurements.

Note: when we talk about suits and costumes increases numbering 10, in other words, who wears pants 40 probably uses a social 50 size costume, but men with broad shoulders or too strong may use 50 pants and jacket 52.

3–try one less or one more

As the modeling of the clothing differs widely from one brand to another and even more of the imported to nationals, always try other two numbers. Example: If your number is 40, but do you think the play got a little tight, play the 42 to take the test, the same is true if the item was a little off, order a size down, sometimes the difference between a number and the other is really small and it’s not what is on the label, it’s like the laundry is in the body.

4-do not buy blind

“I see a pair of 38, always use 38, I don’t have to prove a lot of people say that, but it’s not around, sizes and trims change from brand to brand and sometimes the measures change in a collection to another or even from one line to another within the same collection. Trust that the same number will serve you forever a day will make you take home an outfit that doesn’t fit and it may be too late when you finally can come back to make the switch.

5–will it stretch…or not!

Another very common mania is to believe that the play is tight for a while, then she will stretch with use and fit like a glove in your body. This can happen in the beginning, particularly with jeans, but in fact it is more likely that the opposite occurs and the clothes get more fair to the first wash, so avoid that kind of gamble.

6–comprehensive look at

Check for leftover fabric, sleeves too long, unaligned pockets, times, long coats, disproportionate details, very tight or wide collars, pleats in the back of blazers, shoulder pads left, all this indicates that the size chosen can be wrong. Look at the clothes as a whole and then pay attention to detail.

7-do not depend on the diet

Nothing to buy clothes for when you lose weight! I know it’s tempting that perfect piece but a smaller number, only that she’s going to be forgotten in your closet if the diet is always deferred to next Monday and we know how much it is commonplace.

8-freedom of movement

Is in doubt if the clothes actually served as it should? Because they move around a little, feel she is not limiting his movements, taking in some part or simply causing unease for being too tight. If there are two explanations: the fit is bad or the size is not right for you, at first there’s only try at another store, in the second there is still hope that other number serve perfectly.

9-learn what suits you

Your body type asks for clothes that encourage’s you high, low, fat or thin. Sometimes the right size no use since elements that play doesn’t give emphasis to what you have and not difarçam that detail that bothers you.

The author’s opinion

It may seem redundant to give this sort of hint here, but a lot of people dress bad for not knowing the exact size of your mannequin or not to strive to find a suit that fits perfectly. Many guys with good choices of style and fashion notions advanced that almost all played well this in the trash with clothes that were not compatible with your body. On the other hand, every day we see in social networks people who dress with the basics, but are always stylish on account of items with correct size and good trim handpicked.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the picture up there, if you have a good idea of their measures will need a tailor when you do a custom suit.