How To Choose Shorts More Suitable To Your Body

The shorts are doing all crazy! Every woman has at least a pair in their closet. Not all models of shorts, however fit every physique. Want to know what the perfect one for you? Read here!
Are the must-have.

All women wear them.

The sea, in the office, for a drink with friends.

Paired with flat sandals or high heels.

Plain, floral, in jeans. They come in all tastes and for all occasions.

We are talking of shorts, of course, the legendary super versatile shorts and declined in more than a thousand models that are depopulating over women’s bodies.

Their success is due precisely to the fact that for every woman there is a particular model that can hide small defects of your body and accentuate the merits.

Curious to know what are the most suitable shorts to you, according to your body shape?

Read below.

1. For women who have a little ‘Bacon

The prints on pants are the ideal device for anyone who has a generous waistline because they distract the eye from the abdomen bulge!

Warning effect clown though.

Offset the effect of foaming of shorts wearing shirts or blouses simple, single color and no frills to avoid the style Moira Orfei.

Even the high-waisted shorts strictly forbidden , the reason is obvious, catalizzerebbero attention on your little defect, the panzetta, making you look like a

2. For women with short legs

If you are not the supermodel with the long thigh shorts that are for you are the ‘micro’.

The equation is simple: mini leg is at mini shorts.

Do not be prudish! Show your (few) centimeters you have available .

Emphasize your legs with hems to make you dizzy! Of course, you will not gain height but some concerned look at your wares (mignon) it will attract.

3. For women who are lean and without forms.

If your body remembers so much to Olivia Popeye, that is if you’re dry as anchovies and not have even a hint of feminine hips and rounded on the side b, no problem!

To compensate for the lack of shapes you can always resort to shorts with pleats from the waist down to the soft thigh.

In this way your image will be slightly hourglass and you too can spacciarvi for classic Mediterranean woman with curves in the right places.

4. For women with wide hips

And here is the type of physical peculiarity that has an opposite to that previously described.

Here, they have wide hips to be a problem .

But if it is true that there is always a solution to everything is even more true in the field of fashion: just use high-waisted shorts.

Move the eye to the wasp waist to divert the concentration on two sides bursting is the right move!

The colors in this case come to the rescue.

All know the black rule that smagrisce , but it is better to give him a ripassatina: shrink the dark colors, so if you want to give a limatina your hips without the help of a scalpel, abundant with high-waisted shorts with dark shades.

5. For women who have thighs flesh

I never say never believe that because you have few extra pounds on the thighs , then you do not have the right to transfer to a nice pair of shorts! This is a false belief. There are many models that fit perfectly in the legs of flesh.

The best? The shorts with slim cut (thinning, the name says it all!) With the edge a few centimeters above the knee.

I know, it’s easy to say that this model can “cut the leg”, but we face a problem at a time!

Pantalonici of this length hide the extra pounds and to remedy the ‘severed leg’ issue can always opt for wedges that body’s contours and balance the effect.

6. For women with skinny legs

Although women with skinny legs are often envied by female population, does not mean you can afford all of shorts models in circulation.

Who has legs like two teeth teases would like to have a little ‘more substance (in short, we women are never happy!).

How to do? Wearing shorts with turn-ups that break the dry line of the thigh giving it a bit ‘more motion.

7. For women with love handles

Nothing denim shorts for you!

Or the vacuum effect could be just around the corner.

Jeans are a type of fabric at all elastic and could strizzarvi too much between its meshes, accentuating the ciccetta that protrudes to the sides of your hips (a catastrophic result).

Better to opt for shorts by soft tissues that do not appeal too much and match them with soft tshirt they rest to your body without mark it excessively.

8. For women with big knees

Ok, you can not speak properly of shorts in this case but with an effort of imagination we can include them in the category.

For women who have the big knees, but who do not want to give up a few centimeters of discovery leg there is always the option of shorts and long, that is, of that model, often by the flared shape, which covers more than half of the leg hiding knees to X.

9. For women who have a b-side to scream

For all those who have elected a back carved in marble and have no type of inhibition in showing one’s body the perfect model of shorts is a culotte, or Brazilian, if you prefer.

scream rim (excuse the pun) that showcases the firm buttocks, leaving nothing to the imagination.

A tribute to mother nature and its beauty masterpieces.

10. For women with wasp waist.

Another category of privileged women, who usually also have a b-side to scream, those who may include a narrow and thin waists also have the good fortune to be able to show without too many complex and paranoia (lucky them).

Then off to shorts with a very low life, multicolor and the super imaginative prints.

Yes even the sporty style shorts, with elastic waist, which, given the physical conformation, no squeezing or stressed out!