How to Choose Leggings

Leggings: how to wear?

Practical and comfortable, the leggings is a versatile piece must-have in her wardrobe. To go to the office or to play sports, it is important to know how much wear it because the clothing errors quickly arrived!



  • Prefer wider elastic bands (between 4 and 5 cm).
  • The tall sizes galbent belly, are very comfortable and tight fit.
  • Do not wear your leggings too tight or too loose: you have to feel comfortable.


  • Ideal composition of the fabric: cotton and spandex.


  • Choose leggings a little longer because  it will tend to shrink  in the first wash.
  • Check that no wrinkles at the knees: if this is the case, the legging is too big.


  • Legging three quarters: prefer ballerinas, sandals or flat shoes.
  • Full length leggings: prefer the shoes, high boots or booties. Avoid ballerinas  and flat sandals, because they will have  the effect of overriding the silhouette.

For a flawless look, wear shoes that  fit together well with the color of your top. To  elongate your figure, wear shoes whose  color harmonizes with that of the legging.

Colours Remember that light colors will create an effect of enlargement. For a versatile, opt for black.

Opacity Make sure your leggings is thick enough and  it is not transparent from different angles  and lighting.

Reasons The reasons are preferred with a neutral top.Warning: remember that the patterns draw the eye. Do not wear if you do not want to focus on your legs.

Socks Winter: if you wear booties, socks choose a color that is close to that of your leggings. If you dare the shoes, wear a flesh-colored nylons under your leggings.  Learn more about leggings wearing tips on TheFreeGeography.


  • Wash the machine with cold water, gentle cycle or by hand, with like colors and backwards.
  • Never put your leggings dryer: these damage in the fibers.Do it dry flat.