How to Choose Jeggings

What is a Jeggings?

Offering less harsh alternative to traditional jeans, and a look 100% denim with a slight structure like a legging, it makes you feel more comfortable every day, especially in the slims. Ultra trend, it appears everywhere at the moment, in dozens of different colors. But the question before us today is whether this famous new pants are a fad or a new must-have.

The Jegging for all women?

The jeggings can be worn by almost all women, whatever their morphology, provided to choose the right. Thin obviously have no problem with the new pants fashionable, and it is mainly they who referred this new trend; Furthermore, as it is elastic, there is no risk of feel cramped even if body parts are a little stronger. Of any color or print, low waist or high waist, it may be associated with a small short top. If the calves are fine, all shoes suitable for him.
If we have quite wide hips and buttocks marked the jeggings is also allowed, but it is better to choose the no pockets on the buttocks, unless they are very centered; if we have some complex, it can be combined with an oversized sweater or tunic a bit long in the back. The reasons are banned because they widen the hips and thighs.
For petite women, it will absolutely lengthen the silhouette with high shoes like wedges or high heels boots, and avoid high curved or tight to benefit flowing cuts.

How to Choose Your Jeggings?

Women wear willingly with high heels and shouldered jackets. It is also possible to wear a dress over it, but it is reserved for thin women given the fact that a bead over the belt would be disastrous. Therefore, if you have a few extra kilos, first losing before buying jeggings, as a type of leggings defined by Hyperrestaurant.

To choose the color of your jeggings, know that a black or blue suit model always nice if you have blond hair, because they will be better emphasized. But a light color is always welcome in summer, especially if it can be contrasted with a T-shirt or blouse dark. However, avoid too short T-shirts, because it is better to hide the elastic.

Finally, this garment is very tight, well choose to cut your physical well be valued and that the eyes of men are easier on you.

With what Jegging the match?

Combining timeless denim and comfort of leggings, the jegging is an essential piece to have in his dressing room. If we associate the right accessories, it will adapt to any occasion.

Let’s talk shoes. It all depends of course of the season, the general style that wishes to adopt and morphology of each, but here are some ideas. Heels, it is well known, are the best friends of the legs and buttocks with their galba effect. With jeggings, a pair of patent leather pumps will be an unstoppable seduction asset and bring a touch of sophistication to the outfit for a night out for example. The platform shoes, more comfortable, can also be worn with jeggings. But beware: they tend to pack the silhouette if you are not great. Ballerinas are also conventional to associate with jeggings for a chic and casual look. In winter, do not deprive yourself donning booties, boots or even waders, the jeggings lends itself perfectly.

Side bags, not a curse. Matching shoes or not, the bag will finish the outfit. A delicately strassée pocket for a dinner out, an oversized bag for a trip to the country, anything goes!