How to Choose Fishing Lines

Rods can have the following types of shares:

-Parabolic (start to shrink from the handle);



-Ultra fast (shrinking only in the first one-third).

The exact characteristics of bait we can take into account if we look two characteristics together. Rods for large distances have ultra-fast or fast action and high value TS Now ask yourself: “Well, it’s important to throw away, but if I had a close and I can throw! What’s the problem then? “. You’re right, no problem throwing and close distance! But cons of such hook is that it is quite hard and slightly depreciated hit the fish. Any sweeps of such a small distance brings great opportunity mouth of the fish being torn off the hook. When fishing with this rod should be very careful when the fish come near the shore. The hard tip assumes hit the fish, and monofilaments can no longer amortized hit her with its extensibility. But tired of bigger fish such hook is much easier than with a fishing rod with parabolic action and less TS.

Conversely, all the pros soft hook with a small TS become cons when fishing big water reservoirs and large distances. I.e. if you want to cover more scenarios, you must make a compromise when choosing a pole by winning the thing and lose another. If you want a rod with fast action, it will be a little TS In this case, you can not use bait for large distances and vice versa-parabolik with high TS will give you a better “feel” to remove fish without worry that will tear her mouth. Another element is important here-the length of the rod. Select rod depending on where you hunt most often-large reservoirs-the need for long hauls-a long rod and vice versa-small ponds-similar hauls-short hook.

When you feel everything in detail and actually will reach the optimal variant of the hook that will be useful and will serve you best in most situations in which you find yourself. An exemplary environment when choosing a rod length is 3.60 m, and an average share TS 2,75 lb. This, of course, should not be taken as a universal hook, but it is the best compromise with balanced pros and cons.

Small Things Matter

Already defined characteristics, which must comply with your rod and you can continue that way. What reel to choose? Bait, as a rule, should be chosen complete with reel. Sensations when you hold in your hand just hook or rod with reel are quite different. The size and severity of the reel are not irrelevant.However reel must appear as a rocker. Large spools are not for all rods. The location and number of drivers define the boundaries of the pulleys. You can not put a reel Long Cast spool (need for long distances), if your first guide is too close to the reel seat and has a diameter less than 40 mm-is losing meaning. If you plan to use braided line to the main line, then there are special requirements for drivers-they can not be simple. You will not go wrong if they are SiC-ew. It is understood that the reel should be high-quality.

Pay attention to the distance between the handles of the bait. This is not the default value if you’re a six-foot man, many rods you will not be comfortable. The set of rod and reel should you “lie” in your arms and you super comfortable haul. Here there is no formula. You have to try several options to select what best you “fit” and meet your requirements and expectations. Ask the seller to put a reel of your chosen fishing rod and coil up a little fiber to her. Thread it through all the drivers and ask someone to hold the free end of the fiber, while you undergo bait of different voltage. Any pop of the rod under pressure surely lies a hidden defect or minus the actual series.

Only now you can think and appearance of the bait. Some they like better handle cork on others handle: EVA material. These are subjective things that determine your choice. I repeat-Render more attention to quality rather than appearance. I will not recommend a single model because it would not be fair, but know that the rule applies here-“as much money as it is music.”

It is best to try rods, which already caught your colleagues and well to inquire of the model you are interested in you. Fortunately there are already many well-stocked stores that offer a large selection of all rods. Still, not bad to know whether the seller has children when swears by them!

Finally, if you can not find the hook that meets all your requirements remains your only opportunity to personally order it from a manufacturer to produce it to you with features to your liking and taste. Then the spelling of your name on the rod will not be a problem, but better wait and test it, if it is poor, with your monogram on it hard to sell a neighbor!