How to Choose a Reusable Water Bottle

Water is essential to our good health because it is the main constituent of the body.It is essential for the body to function properly and it is important to think to hydrate regularly in the day, before you feel thirsty. The water requirements are different for each person; to consider the size, climate, age and lifestyle in a temperate climate, the average person loses more than one liter per day of water; This loss must be compensated by adequate hydration, at least one and a half liters of water every day, and more in sports for example, which are very vulnerable to dehydration and should drink well throughout their business.

To provide a refreshing break, there are different solutions, the most used until now was the small bottle of mineral water, today challenged for environmental reasons and for the cost. It is true that having a bottle of water handy helps to drink more; However, one can prioritize reusable water bottles such as water bottles and hydration bottles that can carry with you everywhere: in the car, office, hiking, beach.. These gourds and bottles, can quite contain other drinks because it’s not just water; you can drink juices, broths, tea, soup, soup or herbal teas to hydrate. We can also give water to taste the flavor with fruit, lemon, fresh mint, and even flowers with an infuser bottle.

At present there is an impressive array of water bottles and reusable bottles, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate among the insulated water bottles for the cyclists, filter bottles, infusers and different materials. Bottle gourd or be chosen according to its size, the material, the cap, the size of the neck, design and price, to accompany his lunch box.

1. The Bottle And Glass Reusable Gourdes

Among the gourds and reusable bottles, and ecological practices, there are glass bottles.

A. The thick glass

Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials and is fully recyclable. In addition, it has no taste, no aftertaste that could transmit liquids. It is unalterable. The only downside is that it may break even if it is thick, strong and deemed unbreakable. To protect him, was therefore devised silicone sleeves, colored and lightweight and cork hulls, cotton lined with cotton wool, or bamboo for more environmentally friendly.

B. The glass alloy / tritan

There are also water bottles made of glass / tritan alloy. The tritan is a material toxic or carcinogenic, is used for the manufacture of bottles or medical equipment. The tritan glass is very durable and especially safe for health.

2. The Bottle And Gourdes Reusable Stainless Steel

Flasks stainless steel, such as glass gourds are tasteless, harmless to health, hygienic, durable and hardwearing.
Stainless steel is widely used for the manufacture of kitchen utensils for those same reasons.
The big advantage of stainless steel is that it is unbreakable, and your stainless steel water bottle will accompany you everywhere, like hiking, camping, and all your wonders of nature, without any concern.
It may even serve tea on a camping . -Gas or bouillotte
It will be ideal for children, to school or outings.
avoid: painted gourds; a stainless steel water bottle will age better if it is not covered with a layer of paint can flake off over time.

3. Bottles And Aluminum Gourdes Reusable

A. L’aluminium

Aluminum water bottles are by far the most used water bottles in the middle of hiking, camping, and more generally of the outdoors.
They are very light, durable and practical, but can still be denting.
The main problem is that the uncoated aluminum bottle gives the liquid a metallic taste.

B. aluminum with plastic coating

The aluminum with plastic lining gourds do not affect liquids taste and smell are preferred.