How to Choose a Jacket

A Beautiful Gray Jacket

A beautiful gray jacket is an elegant room, neutral, and very versatile (read “versatile”). Whether with a t-shirt a little work, a hoodie (hooded sweater, preferably wool), it will go with almost everything.

How to Choose a Jacket

I focus on the fact that it allows very good integration of beautiful shirts with deep hues such as blue or purple night for example. It is a piece that you are going to very often, so it is necessary to pay the price, so expect or balances.

Relooking we piochons regularly at Melinda Gloss, Acne and Filippa K.

Things become more difficult in the ready to wear general public.

Zara and H & M are the correct things, but you really, really look good.Moreover, they rarely make you more than a year (heat sealing is of poor quality).

You think it is necessarily expensive? Think again. I found last month a gray jacket sublissimement well cut and very elegant fabric … for €40. I would have given him €300.

Just, take the time to find the gem.

How to Choose a Jacket

Choose a jacket that perfectly falls is a difficult exercise, especially in the pap general public because the cuts are often blurred (the back is generally not very successful).

First point to see, shoulders. They must be neat and does not sag. If you can, ask a friend to take your picture back.

In the case of too great a jacket, there is a very characteristic fold that forms the armpit. But rest assured, a perfectly cut jacket is instantly recognizable by his back:

Your shoulders should fill the jacket. For bending, the fewer plies, is better:

If the jacket is too small, large folds stars starting from the button formed at the chest, pay attention to it. In the case of a quality jacket, please make retouch if it is too much hair at bending or sleeve, you’ll €40 and €50 but the metamorphosis is stunning. If you want to edit a jacket at Zara, take your decision recognizing that the thermal bonding is blistering fast enough, you see …

To avoid

  • the striped jackets (too complicated)
  • three-button jackets and more (too old)
  • jackets straight cuts (too amorphous)