How to Change RAM Memory in a Laptop

Many times when we noticed that the computer will slow the first thing we think, after wanting to throw it out the window, is in renewing it. Take it easy! It is possible than before to consider change it with a new one you can renew it and give you a little more power to make you endure before retiring it.

How to Change RAM Memory in a Laptop

If you have a laptop, you can change the RAM memory and improve your ability to manage more applications and make it go smoother. The process to change it is simple and we now explain it you step by step so you can see how it is done. Good notes, because there are some very important details. Want to know what does RAM stand for? Click to see meanings in computer terms.

What should I know before changing RAM?

Laptops are a type of very specific RAM. They are small modules that are known as SO-DIMM. I.e., when we go to buy it we have to fix it is of this type, not a normal module. They are smaller but with capacity up to 8 GB.

Another detail that we have to keep in mind is If our computer is compatible. That is, if we can put more memory and how much of this support. Here it depends on the model of computer but look well to stop, lest we buy more than can use it.

In addition to that we have to fix in the type of screw that is in housing. The process is simple, as we will see later, but we will need a screwdriver in particular. Normally it is usually four or five-pointed star. Look good. Are you all ready? Well, it is time to begin the operation.

How do I change it?

Before you start you have to turn the computer off completely. In other words, nothing let stand or do it while it is switched on. When we make sure that it does, close it down the screen and give the rear back to above the back of the laptop. Which is always supporting against the table.

This is done, we will have to locate a series of screws around the laptop. Depends on each brand we will find a different number. Once located we will them by unscrewing and putting in a place apart so they are not lost. When you have removed all, is time to remove the cover.

To remove it you will have to use some object of little thickness, like the needle of a guitar, to pass through Groove and go by lifting it up little by little. also serves as a fingernail but better something that we have at hand and not in the hand. Finally, once we have removed it is time to locate the RAM.

Again, much will depend on the computer but we should be able to locate RAM modules to view and without removing anything else. Once we have removed them time to check how is the mechanism that uses our laptop. In some it is a kind of movable trays while others are like slots.

Carefully, remove them and check which position they are put. We put the new, we put the lid in place. Screw back and ready. Have we done so well? We only have to turn the computer on and go to the control panel (if it is a PC), and go to system to see what amount of RAM brand. Is it that we have put? Great, everything is ready.

If we have switched to a Mac, we have to give the Apple button in the top bar and click on “about this Mac”. Here we will be shown the memory that we have on our computer. It hasn’t been easy, right?