How to Calm the Baby’s Cry

Crying is the baby’s way of communicating with the World in the early days of life. It is through crying that the baby transmits his needs, be it hunger, heat, cold or just the need for comfort and pampering.

How to Calm the Baby's Cry

For parents it is not always easy to deal with the crying of babies, they want the total comfort of their children and it is not always possible to correct the reason for crying at first. It is a learning process and over time learns to communicate your needs through other ways.

Top Reasons Why Babies Cry

Hunger is the main reason for the baby’s hunger in the early days, as the digestive system is still immature it is natural that they want to eat several times. The crying associated with other signs such as placing a hand in the mouth or being restless may be end of hunger, in these cases always offer milk in the first place.

Even a baby does not like to be wet and dirty, crying may be a sign that needs changing the diaper.

After eating it is important to put the baby to burp, however, not everyone needs to do, but some need to do it more than once, in case of crying try putting the baby in position to burp.

Cold or hot, often afraid that the baby will feel cold we wear lots of clothes, crying may be a sign of discomfort, try to take a piece of clothing or put another to see if the crying calms down.

How to calm baby’s crying

There are no miracle solutions to calm the crying baby because it can have several origins, the first step is to know the reason for crying can be hunger, cold, heat, dirty diaper, if crying persists check the baby for fever. if your stomach is full, the diaper is clean, the crying may be a sign that you need comfort, of cuddle.

Sing for your baby, babies often love to pack songs, music can be very calming for your child, pack it gently in your arms or in a rocking chair while singing to him.

One solution that works great for babies is wrapping the baby in a blanket or blanket, placing the blanket in order to keep the arms close to the body, simulating the position of the baby in the mother’s belly. For them the free movement of the hands and legs can be confusing.

Cramps are also one of the reasons for crying in the first few months of the baby, so take some massages on the baby’s belly to relieve it a little. Massage on the belly, legs and arms of the baby are a way to calm and relax the baby.