How to Build a Tent

Choosing a place for a tent

Where to put it? The answer to this question is simple Neruda. For a tent is ideal flat surface free of rocks, roots and other objects. But we do not live in an ideal world, so it is sometimes a little difficult to find such a place.

Sometimes you have to clean the place from twigs, cones and the like. Of course it will never be perfect, but it is necessary to get rid of the biggest troublemakers that you are not too worried about the floor mat. Also, you definitely do not want to feel like a princess on the pea Staying up all night because of the stone back.

If you build a tent for the first time, be patient and do not manipulate various parts of the force, to avoid damaging them.

Stan away from direct sunlight

The flat surface is not the only thing you should have in mind building a tent. Also important is the protection from UV radiation. While you are looking to catch a bronze, but UV coating reduces the life of waterproof tent. We recommend that you put the tent in a place not exposed to too much direct sunlight. The piece certainly you walk to the water. 😉

Stan ventilate and dry as it gets

During your stay, make sure thorough ventilation of the tent. Especially after waking up tent properly ventilate. At night it is inside the tent, moisture that adheres to the walls.

The same applies even if the tent gets wet. Thorough drying is necessary. When stan let it dry, it begins to stink and you can attract mold. And so nocležnici side by side certainly do not want. 🙂 Read more about how to choose a tent on

Of course there will be occasions when you pack a tent in the rain in a big hurry. It is dried really hard. If you have enough space in your car, like free seats, you can provide at least partially decompose them. Unfortunately, so many places people generally are not, and so must the tent in a travel bag. Nothing happens, but on arrival it must immediately spread and allow to dry. If you have enough space, it is good to build a tent again and let it ventilate. When you do not have much space, switch it over clotheshorse.

Keep tent clean

Each camping one end and change to the cleaning. Before collapsing tent can get that job and clean it of impurities. Minor debris may not be visible at first sight, so tempted to pack a tent right and remove it until next season. This tent does not benefit and may actually sign on its functionality.

Grab a sponge or soft cloth and lukewarm water to help wash tropiko. Then jumping on the mat, but from that first remove large debris. Inside the tent, often NanoSim leaves, pine needles and other natural treasures, not to mention the insect uninvited guests whose corpses were then lie around in the corners of the tent. Once you get this shit out of the tent, groundsheet, rinse well as tropiko. Let the tent dry.

Sand and dust particles get everywhere and take and receive zippers. Minor impurities can easily clear need an old toothbrush or hand. If you feel that the zippers do not run smoothly, wax them. They drandit as new. Pins from dirt wash with warm water and a sponge or brush.

Mini survival kit or repair your tent

Whether you like it or not, sometimes, unfortunately, in the tent will leak. Can be anywhere and commit mischief different sizes, but always it must be stopped as soon as possible. With minor cracks you handle yourself. Just carry with them mini survival kit for tents. It can get in sports shops and usually contains patches and glue. It is good to happen even waterproof tape.

Lost pin or broken stick into the tent? Does not matter

Admit how many pins you lose a season? And how many of them are bent so that almost do not use? It is a pity, but not a tragedy. Spare pins found in the basic equipment of each of our tent. A set of replacement How many sessions or even in larger sports stores.

With a set of spare sticks to the tent is a little more complicated. Length rods from the manufacturer, the manufacturer differ. Spare the rod toward the tent is an ideal buy for the same manufacturer as the entire tent. At present, we currently offer the following spare the rod to the tents.