How to Apply Makeup for Bridesmaid

How to choose a beautiful makeup for godmother, but without competing with the bride?

It is very important to remember that the wedding day will be one of the most important days in the life of the bride, she chooses carefully the details of the wedding, decorating, cake, dress, including the costume of the bridesmaids!

How to Apply Makeup for Bridesmaid

If she gives a warning about the type of makeup you should use, obey … is her right to choose what she want for the day. If it does not give any opinion on this, you are free to be inspired in the beautiful makeup to be a godmother spectacular, without taking the brightness of the bride, of course.

It is essential to know the place and time at which the ceremony will be held, based on that you can choose the colors you will use, and decide whether to be good or do not use glitter or strong colors.

Here’s How to Choose Makeup for Godmother

Outdoors During the Day

The skin you can use a base with light, a bit of concealer for dark circles, if necessary, and a facial powder to ensure a crisp skin and hold the Eye makeup during the entire event.

Eyes choose to use light colors, is up to you to combine or not makeup colors with the color of the dress, the important thing is to stay nice and simple, because the ceremony will be during the day.

You can change the color orange for a color of your choice or one that matches your dress, pastel or baby pink are colors that are wonderful in a makeup for godmother of marriage during the day.

Outdoors, at Night:

To prepare the skin for the night you can use a base with light to medium coverage, since it’s still going to be outdoors, use a good concealer to cover dark circles and some unwanted specks, and finally the skin use a powder with or without color to ensure that the skin is uniform.

And the eyes that such a sketchy amazing? Many bridesmaids choose a salon treatment that day, hair and makeup. Enjoy all the ability of (the) makeup artist and ask for perfect in outlined, it can be black or an outlined of glitter!

Choose between black, with bold glitter or the incredible double with a mixture of the two previous ones.


When the marriage is performed indoors, even the decor tends to be more daring, because the makeup of the sponsor would not be too?

The skin you can use a base medium to heavy coverage (but be very careful with the hue, since the pictures will flash and can leave you with the face lighter than the rest of the body), use a concealer to cover imperfections and an illuminator to give a natural air, finally, pass a translucent powder (see eHealthFacts) only to mattify the skin so that she doesn’t get shiny in pictures. For eyes take the freedom to try out new combinations, make use of glitter and fake eyelashes!

Brown nude is super classic, degrade with glitter brings an air of elegance and the last option that is a sketchy degrade triple lets look more sexy.

Makeup for Maid of Honor: Extra Tips

Use a lighter color on the inner eyelid and a darker on outer eyelid, creating a kind of degrading. The lighter color in the inner corner opens the look and leave the makeup to sponsor more harmonious marriage.

Merging is a wonderful trick, smooths and leaves the makeup more natural.

Believe it or not, fill in the eyebrows makes all the difference! Opens the look, highlights the makeup and gives a tone of elegance to the look around. Just take a small brush, a little shade of a color approximately their eyebrow and move on it following the natural design.

Dark colors give sense to let smaller colors, if you have small eyes this is not a good option. Choose lighter colors like brown or outlined, which can leave the impression of eyes more open.

An important trick for anyone who has small eyes is to use a white pencil or color of skin to pass on waterline.

About the lipstick, the secret is simple: all eye, mouth anything. All mouth, eye nothing. Do not load too much on makeup, if you dare in the eyes, use a lipstick lighter or just a gloss to complete your look.

Remember, the makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, wear something comfortable, the important thing is to have a lot of fun to participate in this wonderful day in the life of the bride and groom and know that you’re part of it all!