How to Apply Large Wall Stickers

You want to bring fantasy to your walls? Easy to install and economic giant sticker is the ideal solution. However, for best results, certain rules must be respected!

What part of the house choose to put his giant sticker? What sticker adopt to where?

See our tips for decoration on top!

Mural in The Living Room: the Balance First

To create a unique atmosphere in your living room, the giant wall sticker is perfect. You can:

  • Choose a realistic effect sticker: pebble stack, giant flowers, trompe l’oeil, etc;
  • opt for a sticker matching your accessories, for example the couch cushions, the carpet, etc.

Ensure preserve the play of balance. For it:

  • Place the sticker on a wall where there is little furniture to not restrict the light and space.
  • Preferably choose a plain wall so that the sticker comes out well and can achieve the expected decorative effect.

Good to know: know that some companies may offer you custom stickers according to the dimensions of your room, your ideas, or your own photos!Price: on request.

Mural And Corridor: Priority to The Discretion

A corridor is relatively narrow definition. So it should not be too much clutter the walls to preserve this space. For it:

  • Opt instead for a sticker frieze: it will give relief to your walls without overloading them. Count from 15 € frieze in the 28 x 80 cm.
  • Glue several stickers identical taking care to space them to ventilate the hall.
  • Stick these stickers on one wall, always to avoid cluttering the space.

Know that if your hallway is close to your kitchen, you will stick your sticker as far away from it. Regularly exposed to grease vapors, may soon get dirty.

Good to know: giant wall stickers can deteriorate in rooms with lots of passing. Consider the protection by applying a protective varnish you will find from 5 € 250 ml DIY store or hobby.

Mural in a Room: Anything Goes!

One bedroom is a personal space. So you can ask any sticker provided:

  • It is in harmony with the rest of the decor:
    • Avoid, for example, to place a very modern sticker in a traditionally furnished room;
    • Also avoid too bright colors or too gaudy that can decide with the soft hues of a bedroom.
  • It rests on the plain wallpaper in order not to overload the room.
  • It is not stuck in front of a window: the sun’s rays could wither your sticker and yellow.

Good to know: You will find giant wall stickers for room from sticker 54 cm X 31 cm, decorating store or on specialized websites.

For a decoration on top, follow our tips!

  • Our zoom convinced you? Download a free practical guide that will explain how to put a sticker.
  • Upholster your decorative adhesive paper wall!
  • Redecoration? To take off a sticker , follow the advice of our handout free download!