How to Accessorize Jeggings?

Yet once again, the only limit in terms of accessory rest imagination!

Thanks to their effect jean, the jeggings adapt very easily to all kinds of accessory, the choice will depend only on the style of the outfit we have chosen.

About the shoes: style ‘shirt wide and tank top’, flats or sneakers canvas will do the trick.

For evenings: it is sensational with heels to stilettos (especially if they are varnished!). In winter, boots agree perfectly well with its John effect. And in summer, offset heeled shoes give a touch of originality.

With what handbag? All! As long as its color is reminiscent of the accessory.

We must also remember to grant it to the style of the rest of the outfit, and if the color of the bag agrees with none of her clothes, just wear a headband, a scarf, even a scarf of the same color as the bag in hand!

Its assets?

Practical, comfortable, feminine and easily adaptable to all clothing, it is a kind of “revolution” in the world of fashion. Relatively new, it has been a special place between the leggings and treggings.

And the regulars of the slim, may finally have a garment with all the benefits of it, but without its disadvantages: more slim than the slim, it’s the jeggings!

The jeggings fabric?

Its fabric is specially designed to give an ‘effect’ John. Imitation is more or less successful depending on the model, this is why it must be attentive to the quality of print at the time of the choice.

For a more feminine and glossy effect, it very often is Lycra, but it is possible to find in cotton (which further strengthens the effect John a little more).

It should be noted that because of its shape very close to the body, the pockets may simple decorations to purely aesthetic purpose.

Tight, very close to the body, they are all simply a variant of our very expensive leggings (which are themselves a modern variant of the “shorts” that you wore in the 1980s).

Practical, generally inexpensive, they are in most of the shops. However, it is not quite like the leggings, even if its effect second skin has nothing to envy to its predecessor.