How Many Nights Can You Sleep with the Same Pajamas?

Should I wash his Pajamas all day or can we keep it a few nights in a row for sleep? Answers of experts.

Wash his Pajamas all day? Some do, but many postpone this task. Then, put you endanger your health if you change only once a week? The British site, Mumsnetusers, have been questioned.

Observation: there are really people who wash their clothes at night every day, according to testimonials from users of the site of parenthood. The reason? Many people go to bed without washing at night, preferring to take a shower in the morning. However, they fall asleep with pyjamas soaked with perspiration from the night before.

Women are waiting for 17 nights to change pajamas

A survey of 2015, Ergoflex mattresses society, with 2,500 elderly people from 18 to 30 years, has revealed that men expect 13 on average nights to change pajamas, while women spend 17 nights in the same night clothes.

When the company has questioned the reasons for the delay in the washes, 41% women and 50% of men said that if their pajamas did not smell, they saw no reason to wash it!

We carry on we potentially harmful microbes for health

Which side to tip the balance? “We carry all some agencies potentially harmful to health, but only if we find them in the wrong place”, explains Professor Sally Bloomfield, President of the international scientific Forum on home hygiene (IFH).

It can include skin bacteria, which is the Staphylococcus aureus, a common cause of skin infections, fungal bodies such as the one responsible for athlete’s foot, fecal bacteria, such as e. coli, which cause sometimes of stomach disorders, and yeast, which can trigger the thrush.

Sleep naked!

The ideal according to Sally Bloomfield? Sleep naked! For holders of sleepwear of ruizeSolar, it advises to wash pajamas and sheets about once a week.

Remember that some people are more vulnerable to infections, while others are more likely to carry harmful bacteria for health and so pass them on. If you live with young children, or a person with whom you live is sick, wash your bed linen and your Pajamas more often!

Less risk to health among singles

The singles are, however, less likely if they keep their pajamas for weeks. “Over your Pajamas is dirty, it is likely that bacteria will spend of your intestine to your urinary tract, for example. “We can’t say that there is no risk, but it is relatively low.”However, there is the question of theintimate hygiene to consider. “Your underwear and Pajamas will begin to take a smell and a feeling of unpleasant if you do not regularly wash”, according to the expert.

Clothing should be washed at 60 ° C or 40 ° C with a product containing active oxygen bleach, to eliminate and destroy bacteria. Do not overload your washing machine:you could spread the bacteria to other tissues. Namely:some small animals can survive on dry fabrics for weeks.