Housewife without Mysteries: Tips for the Thermos

I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but knew the thermos has his tricks?

Well, I don’t know, but the thermos must always be filled to be able to handle the heat. I mean, you think about having a beautiful bottle and great for use when the family grow, if only you drink coffee! Do coffee and let the bottle will let it cold…or is it better to make enough coffee, but here comes the weight of the waste.

So I gathered the tips I received and I researched on the net for you don’t drop the ball on purchase and use:

  1. If you’re making coffee and ber all at once, is not to leave it in the thermos and go drinking throughout the day, prefer the bottles that you do not need to open. The right model in this case is that the bottles that pressing upon you release the drink. have the templates that you need to open the screw cover for example is not ideal, because the air exchange (from inside and outside the bottle) will make your coffee to cool more quickly.
  2. According to experts, the ideal is to have bottles with stainless steel interior. The plastic and glass doesn’t hold the heat with the same efficiency.
  3. If you live alone, or if it is recently married and only you and your husband drink coffee, choose smaller models, so there will be waste and not cold coffee inside the bottle as we speak!
  4. According to, another tip I was given was in relation to color, the darker the better since coffee will naturally darken the bottle which can give an air of dirt that is not cool!Mainly because the little bit of coffee outside happen naturally with use….
  5. Rinse the inside only with warm water, no SOAP!He can leave any unpleasant taste. If you need to eliminate odors, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to each litre of warm water, and allow the solution to act for the night.