Homemade Stick Emotion Guaranteed

When I go to buy fishing rods I see the difficulty of finding ultralight rods (4 to 8 lbs) so I’ll show here how to make one:
you will need:
1 telescopic rod at least 3.60 metres
dowels according to the amount of stick slices (except for the tip)
Tip 1 compatible
black line or your color taste
Quick drying glue
1 reel seat alligator type
colorless resin
first paste the reel seat on the first bud (put a good distance from a 40 cm so that the handle is long and you can fight more comfortably with the fish
wind the line in parallel one by one in the corners and in the Middle then resin and wait to dry should be as in the image:

skip the first bud (of reel seat) and place the dowels at the end of the buds of the same way you put the reel seat (wrap the line parallel to a then paste tips with quick-drying glue then resin) should be as in the photo:

I also like to put dowels in the middle of 2 recent buds just let the dowels lined up.
Now paste the tip and voila!
I’m using this rod with reel micro (100 or 1000) 0.20 mm line and line 0.25 mm harness and hook small (maximum 1/0)
This rod is great for fish:
Piau, piapara, piauçu, pacu, black Bass, Peacock bass (except Amazon) piraputanga, piracanjuba, tilapia, matrinxã fish-, sábalo fish, jacundá, mandi, saicanga, trout, acará, scab, common carp and mirror
Black Bass, snakehead, tilapia, buffalo fish, trout: of all species, salmon: of all species, carp, perch, walleye, fishing  knife, acarás various catfish (minor species)