Home Decoration with Fresh Flowers

The onset of spring gives us the opportunity to enjoy the more aromatic plants around, but if we fragrant flower garden in front of your home can bring fresh flowers in the rooms and make the atmosphere inside more enjoyable.
We will hint a few little secrets to an impressive and easy decoration with live flowers using gardeners and florists. With their help it will retain the freshness of the plants for longer and will arrange them in the most appropriate ways.

15 Tricks with Arranging Flowers at Home

Cut the stem at the bottom at an angle of 45 degrees to 2 cm from the end. This will increase the possibility the flower to moisturize better and so it will last longer in the vase without wither.

Use a cup of tea instead of a vase of flowers with shorter handles. Using a small rubber band tie the stems and soak small bouquet. This will change the water more easily and the plants will look better to one another, not scattered.

Open closed buds, and flowers dip briefly in hot water . After his rip aromatic bouquet of a garden with flowers , cut the stems obliquely and immerse plants in a glass of warm water for a minute to open up. Then move them into a glass of cold water for 20 minutes and finally arrange them in a vase with water at room temperature.
Extend the life of the flowers in the vase with the help of vodka and sugar. Before you dip them in the vase, pour in the water a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar. When you notice a few days later that the flowers begin to wilt, add a shot of vodka in the vase and they will face again in a day or two.

Exhibited succulents in dessert bowls. Cups for dessert can be wonderful and chic pots small green plants. Just put them in soil, pour a little water and you plant the plants. In time they will root. Spray with water once a week when you notice the upper layer to dry.
Water the orchid with ice cubes. First move from flower pot vase by placing your finger in it. Weekly watering with the amount of water as an ice cube, if very large – two. This is the exact amount of water, it needs, and it is thawed slowly and gradually separated liquid.

Make a grid of transparent tape to stand the flowers in place in the shallow vase. Use waterproof adhesive tape and place the plants formed squares. So there is no danger to fall.

Then arrange the first in volume of flowers, placing them on the outside, because they will take up more space. Then with smaller fill the remaining squares and finally the smallest fill the space that’s left. In this way they will become a focus in design.

Put a small vase in large to make arrangement with fruit. Place the flowers in small, put them in the big, pour water between the two vases and cut slices of lemons washers. Distribute them so as to hide inside.

Dry flowers hang them in a cool place. If you want to save a beautiful bouquet or wreath, the best way to do that is to tie the ribbon ends and hang it in a place where it will look like decoration and dries evenly.

Put copper coin on the bottom of the vase to keep the water fresh for longer. Copper plays a role of an oxidant in the fluid, and helps to prevent from rising by fungi or bacteria in it.

If you live with a man and your home is in neutral interior design, make decorations with darker flowers at home. This will create flower arrangements like wall stickers at http://www.a2zwallstickers.com/2016/04/affordable-wall-sticker/.

To rip easily rose petals and keep their shape intact, just hold in your palm petals exactly where the handle starts with a twisting motion of the wrist them separately.

Arrange flowers in the house as the rainbow, first put them on the table and then make a bouquet according to their colors so as to blend smoothly from one shade to another.

Make a beautiful bouquet of roses with intertwined handles by placing a flower in a vase, then put a second opposite him. Place the third to the first and fourth respectively to second. So while filling the vase.

Decorate simple glass vase with ribbons, string or lace. You can make a simple “X” them or to wrap and tie around the vase.