History of Wall Clocks

Have a clock in the home is essential. However, to preserve the beauty of your home, you must choose the right time indicator. There are many models for every taste, pleasing to the eye as long as you know their location. Here are some tips that may help.

The Pendulum In History

Everyone still remembers the great traditional pendulum grandmother salon ringing every hour.Among the models, there are the Comtois clocks that feature two autonomous body mechanics locked in a magical cage. This type of clock is from the seventeenth century. One can also mention the pendulum fireplace, as the name suggests, is placed on the fireplace or on a dresser with a balance of about 25 centimeters. Today, the pendulum serves mainly decorative. And finally, there is the clock that provides the reference time known as “regulator”.

 Wall Clocks

This type of clock has the particularity to cling to walls, according to Pauldigo. The difference lies in the way they will be suspended as well as their shape. For the latter, they are very diverse: round, rectangular, square, with floors in the form of petals… The objective is both to put the house on time and make it a decorative touch, choose the good model to suit the room. Especially as the clock regardless of its design is placed over the likes of everyone: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the hall … For example, there is the Goccia Antartidee wall clock in the form of a faucet with water flowing forming the pendulum itself. There are still modern wall clock Cravatta Antartidee which takes the form of a suspended tie.

 Clocks and Table Clocks Shelves

Are grouped in this category all types of pendulum that do not hook but are placed on a support.The forms are as varied as the colors of a design of great imagination. In Italian design, we can meet some like modern Figueras Antartidee table clock, Ramo Antartidee or the clock surreal shelf Mensola Antartidee, Tip Tac Antartidee and many others.

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