History of Leggings

Such, now indispensable something like leggings, tight again come into our wardrobes, do not go soon pulls. And this is natural because each bearer of such clothes can confidently say that leggings-it is very convenient and raznoplanovaya something I enjoyed, indeed, the world love not only ordinary people but also international stars.

When back in 90th, leggings first invaded the world of fashion, having conquered millions of girls and boys wear one by one, starting from small to large. When I first came to the show the world famous fashion house Chanel, them were unclear, some known publications have criticized this form of clothing.

But the other half of society perceive them positively, especially, they dropped to taste kumiru much respect Madonna and Sandra, thanks to which they have spread around the world. Meanwhile leggings were purely synthetic fibers, are acidic colors, but no one is wrong.
Over time, they preobrazilisy have emerged and hot models and fashion have entered quiet colors: beige, black, brown and gray.

The modern fashion industry just teeming with a variety of forms of clothing, they are particularly preobrazilisy, steel, made from natural fabrics, but it stayed the same oblegayushtimi, cozy and comfortable.
Thanks to this rage options and colors, immediately became a naprashivatysya question, but what is better to wear leggings, so as not to seem funny or vulgar? Let us try to understand this neslozhnom of truth.

For this not to seem funny, must once and for myself to admit leggings-it is not an independent clothing, they are extra things, so you have something to “hide behind”: skirt, very long roof or shorter pants.
Remember that the launch of leggings, you should always take care of it, to “soft” site is covered by, otherwise, it seems out of place and occasionally vulgar and funny.
Of course, if you own a perfect sports figure, then it can be removed and short shirt open all the advantages. However, remember what you see standing in the mirror, often radically different from what you see around you people walking.

How to Wear Leggings?

Firstly we should pay attention to the color. Here, too, act one, but gold is the rule, compliance with which you obviously will not look flavor.

If you decide to wear colorful leggings with bright printom, then cloak should be simple, preferably sochetaemыy in color. And here, if leggings themselves ordinary, headers can not please riot of colors and a variety of prints.
Leggings-a kind of universal garment, you can combine them with a huge variety of other things and accessories, it is important that everything be suitable for the figure.
Girls with perfect form, of course, can be worn together with leggings and short mini tunikami. If you decide to wear leggings leopardovыe that are extremely popular this season, as well as other animal prints, you should also pay attention to their shape-full of girls is better to abandon this decision.