History of Jeggings

The history of jeggings:

The word “jeggings” is a neologism that defines a legging made up 50% elastane and 50% cotton, with a wide elastic at the waist, no pockets and dyed to look a bit like jeans. The ISKO Turkish textile company that produces stretch fabric, owns the brand Jeggings. Appeared in the late 2000s, this garment is especially appréicié teenage girls who like to wear with sneakers to be comfortable, and whose thread-like silhouettes are enhanced in a flattering way by this kind of legging  particular. But jeggings less suitable for women over 30 years buxom, make fittings before!

In form similar to skinny jeans but spandex material, jeggings can be worn in town with a loose t-shirt or under a skirt or dress like home in cocooning mode. Some girls like to wear also for their sports sessions, the stretch material allowing freedom of movement.

The sports jeggings entered the world of fitness in 2009 and was one of the most popular clothing 2010. “Jegging”also made its entry in the dictionary next year.