High Fashion Makeup Trends 2015

A makeup in Earthy Tones With Bronze And Copper Highlights

Marsala, which is the name of a sweet dessert wine from Sicily and also the name of the Pantone Color Trend 2015. It is a warm, earthy red that evokes many associations: wort, Orient, Africa, heat, sun! It fits so well in the summer!
In the fashion Marsala are already set the tone, but how does one it into a summer makeup? Here are the most important tips for a Marsala-Make Up for Summer!

High Fashion Makeup Trends 2015


The rusty red tone belongs to a natural color spectrum, so is Marsala many color types. Paired with brown and gold colors, gets the earthy red tone a perfect environment in which it can flourish.

If you decide on an eye makeup in Marsala, I recommend lips in Nude, possibly with glitter or in soft browns.

I opted for a strong lip color in Marsala, but did not want to give up a more intense eye makeup. So how do you create a matching look that does not compete with the lips?


The solution: Smokey Eyes -you can always be makeup according to MakeupNecessities! They may not always be dark. I wear it on a copper eyeshadow (Artdeco eyeshadow # 227) on the entire eyelid and into the crease. The inner part of the lid, I light with a slight Rostton (Artdeco eyeshadow # 380), while the outer part with dark browns (Artdeco eyeshadow # 524) is shaded.

A little tip: the lightening part of the eyelid is particularly flattering for smaller eyelids, because that the eye is optically open! To intensify the effect, it’s worth it just to put a little “point” with white-matte eyeshadow in the inner eyelid with a small eye shadow brush. For large eyes, this part can be skipped.

The inside of the eyelid is finally with golden glitter (CHANEL Illusion d’Ombre # 89 Vision) “dusted”. This upgrades the Marsala eye makeup. Who wants, can still draw a eyeliner line. Finally, the eyelashes with the Lieblingsmascara (here: Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes) mascara and complete the eye make-up for the Marsala look.


Marsala is not a simple Bordeaux. It is earthy and you can see a clear brown in the color. I have not yet found the perfect lipstick in Marsala for me, so I mix me the color most of several products together.

My tip: mix lipsticks I do very often, because even though I have many lipsticks, they meet but not always exactly the sound I just want to. You do not directly buy a new lipstick to achieve a particular color. Individual and cheaper it gets!

First I start with a lip liner in a spicy Braunton (Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil # 08 Spice). So I paint my lipliner after and thus fill my lips. Next, a light layer of red lipstick (CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet # 38 La Fascinante), which “bite’s handkerchief” with the technique is slightly worn. The red should not dominate too much. Finally followed by a layer of brown lip gloss (DIOR Addict Ultra Gloss Glow # 652) and some glitter gloss in a dark red for the lips and heart as Higlight for the lower lip (CHANEL Lèvres SCINTILLANTES # 97 Hibiscus).

Alternatively, and from personal experience I can also as Marsala lip color recommend lip liner by MAC in Half Red! I wear this, for example here. By using a Instagram filter the color is not so easy to see, in real acts but very good!

Do you have the perfect Marsala lipstick for you already found? Then I look forward to your recommendation in the comments!