Heartbreaker by Drachenfels Jewellery

Sea life: bracelet with carabiner, charms-single earrings with pearls and 3 Endstückchen and div. Sealife charm a hanger

Beautiful underwater worlds, colorful fish and mysterious sea creatures – this is the new sea life line of heartbreaker. I want to take the current inhorgenta review as an opportunity to introduce you to the new pieces of the brand.

In addition to seemingly floating seahorse Starfish cavort and long since forgotten anchor with a meandering dew reminiscent of old sea treasures. The motifs are reminiscent of holiday, but the symbolism is also faith, love and hope.

, The materials used for the trinkets and charms are 925 Silver, fire paint, as well as shell pearls. The new sea-life pieces by heartbreaker the same a dive into the most beautiful and mysterious waters of our Earth.