Heartbeat: New jewelry and new actions of TeNo

The new year begins at TeNo with wild heart palpitations. As of end of January there will be the brand new heart pendant and Styletags in stores, which interpret the classic symbol of love on cool and TeNo typical way. The simple and stylish hearts made of stainless steel can be provided with an individual engraving on the back. The front panel is available in various designs: pur, with love engraved with diamonds or ceramic cartridge. With a little luck, TeNo fans can advance a TeNo heart back up with brilliant and love engraved – if they solve the first task of the action heartbeat on Facebook or in the blog. This started today under the motto „ rock your Valentine! “ is easy: introductory song or favorite rock ballad name and submit until February 6 e-mail to TeNo. But even then it remains welcome in TeNo: throughout the whole year exciting, pulse-quickening tasks provided within the framework of the heartbeat, whose fulfilment TeNo fans closer to the cool Designherzen. Who can wait, of course going to the jewelry store remains.