He Started Fishing Ban

There are exceptions for weekends in Valle Grande season fishing ban started on yesterday. In this sense, Angel Zeballos, by the Department of Boating, Fishing and Wildlife San Rafael, said that “today (yesterday) concludes the fishing season, had been the silverside and perch, but now begin restrictions for all the species”.

He also stressed that “from November 1 fishing for steelhead will resume, while the silverside and perch again recently on 1 December.” It noted that exceptions will be made for practice. On this subject responsible for the area explained that “in there servoir Valle Grande is a franchise fishing, only for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, with fishing for kingfish, always with identity cards and permits types of sea fishing from Sportsqna.com“. It is important to note that those who need permissions can manage at the headquarters of El Libertad or 39, where a code is removed and then granted the license, which has a cost of 60 pesos. also, for those who wish to surf, you have to get a driver’s license, plus to have the corresponding registration and liability insurance. The card is delivered for 5 years with a value of 90 pesos, and require two photos, a medical certificate and attend a lecture on navigation in reservoirs. It should be recalled that a few days ago we counted the number of ships in the department. As explained Zeballos: “Every day there are more boats are 7,000 and there are also 25 commercial companies operating in different reservoirs weekends have between 40 and 50 boats sailing, and control so that everything is in order.” And added: “the clubs give us a hand in controlling and orders all safety regulations”. CONTROLS Moreover, since the area is advancing operatives permanent wildlife and hunters control. Controls are being made because it is time to brood of mating ostriches and armadillos.