HD Berlin Design Jewelry

Unique jewelry HD Berlin Design  relies on the word uniqueness because the jewels of the collection are as varied as the pieces of Natural Leaf. The leaves nature are individual, not a leaf is like the other.This fascination uses HD Berlin and processed real natural music to unique jewelry. The cellulose of the leaves is hand coated with silver or gold. This elaborate handmade the original fiber structure is retained. Thus, each piece is a unique piece!

HD Berlin Design Jewelry
The matching chains, the followers, the snake design or cord design, are also offered in the shop in gold and rose gold.Collection Natural Leaf The collection consists of earrings and pendants. To this end, local and exotic plants are used. For example, earrings from a Kandablatt. The noble earrings are offered in gold and silver. Spring leaves or heart leaves are coated in gold, platinum, silver or pink gold and made into pendants. The fine structures of the music are wonderful to see and make the jewelry so special. Earrings and pendants are also available in a set.

Also watch the winding design included in the collection. The watches present themselves in vintage style and are available in different colors. HD Berlin offers 2 types of bracelets in bracelet design.Both are made of stainless steel and one of them is covered with rose gold. A small extension chain ends with the logo in sheet form.

Both bracelets are 21 cm long and have a secure lobster clasp and can be individually, depending on the size of Armgelenkes be closed.

Since Rose Gold harmonizes very well with my pale skin and red hair, I decided for the bracelet.

However, I must confess that I would not have thought that the bracelet so much like the brass and for that reason, unfortunately, it was confirmed to me several times by friends, very ignoble, almost cheap, acts.

Material is tarnished or oxidized. On the online store, the bracelet is depicted very shiny. Sorry: the figure in the shop, not quite the actual impression the band write in reality. The small leaf logo is not worked very filigree. Here the letters HD were impressed.

The rings on the bracelet are in turn processed clean and well. The bracelet acts on the wrist, even for my taste, not very classy. I would estimate the price, visually and without knowledge, to 5 euros.

9.90 euros otherwise 24,90 Euro

Since I have seen the other jewels only on the website, I can not say how the processing or quality is actually this unfortunately. The idea Nature leaves with gold and silver alloying but I feel as great.However, the bracelet I would by no means acquire for the original 25 euros. Here my limit would be reached at 5 euros. Nevertheless, I have to say that jewelry is a matter of taste.