Happynewshoe – Repair of Hiking and Climbing Shoes

Thomas Hübner I’ve met tour the Meindl Workshop on the occasion of the Gore-Tex experience is a trained prosthetist and has made independently at the same time recently specializing in the repair of hiking and climbing shoes. Under happynewshoe.de, he offers his services for every outdoor enthusiast.


Climbing shoes are, etc. possible repair of the soles, the rubber of edge of the and all necessary additional work such as new fleece. This well-known materials such as Vibram grip (course climbing soles rubber) and Vibram XS grip (climbing sole rubber with a higher level of liability) are used. Another sole material of other manufacturers is also coming soon. The climbing shoe repair will start from July 1.

Hiking boots (mountain, hiking, trekking, and work boots) soles, damping wedges, rubber edge trim, eyelets, hooks, heel lining, etc can be repaired. Also known materials are used by Vibram. The hiking boot repair is possible now.

All shoes repaired at happynewshoe.de get a care, cleaning and impregnation included also in addition.


Between 9 and 48 euros in costs incurred depending on the type of shoe and repair. If it has even found the perfect shoe and also continue to long would like to wear it on his tours, always worth such repair. A new hiking shoe costs 200 euros after all too quickly, and then you don’t even know if you will be happy with this long time.

I wish success in his project in any case, Thomas and I think that he will find many grateful customers in the outdoor community to appreciate his service.