Halloween Decor

The festival Halloween has its origins in a tradition of the Druids in Ireland. Hallow means holy and the eve of Hallowmas (Saints) on November 1, celebrating the Druids in Ireland and other Celtic areas a great joyous festival with big bonfires and thus thanked the sun god forjust harvested gifts. They baked potato cakes from the freshly harvested potatoes and set of ears tied together Strohpuppen the woodpiles, the animal figures or witches were modeled.

Halloween Decor


The Druids believed that the Lord of Death (Saman) that night the evil souls called to him those who were doomed to be associated in animal form. In England, people believed also that would haunt the earth that night ghosts and witches, freed from the power of evil for this single night. People gathered around the fire pits that should ward off spirits and telling ghost stories. In Wales formerly the young men disguised as old women or as a girl, and gathered in the village an alms. Even today, children go from house to house dressed and collect apples and other fruits and prepare it into a tasty meal. In Ireland, include, among others, the courts Boxty bread (potato pancakes), Boxty pancakes (potato pancakes, Colcannon (a cabbage dish) and barm Bread (a yeast bread, which is also usually eaten in Ireland-on Halloween but is a gold coin with baked) on Halloween-Gerichten.


In the US, Halloween is most widely celebrated, especially of the children who go masked from house to house and beg with the saying “candy or trick” money and sweets. Also mask competitions and mask parades are organized and celebrated festivals ghosts. In addition, one sees everywhere lighted pumpkins, carved into the fanciful faces.This custom is also from Ireland and goes back to the legend of Jack O., an Irish blacksmith, who, when he was alive, had tricked the devil and was the reason denied after his death, admission to the sky, but to hell. However, the devil gave him a piece of glowing charcoal on the way, which should give him light the way. Jack hollowed out a turnip and put into the coal. According to legend, Jack runs ever since between heaven and hell here without finding his eternal rest.


By Irish immigrants, the custom came to America, the Americans use, however, instead of beet pumpkins and carving to ward off evil spirits into grimaces. Meanwhile, however, often electrical safety reasons lamps are used, eg. As LED solar lights listed on AceinLand. In addition, the Americans their homes and land decorate with fairy lights in the form of small pumpkins or ghosts to ward off the evil spirits. Since the 1990 s, the Halloween festival is celebrated but increasingly also in Germany. However, it takes this in some areas such. B. Burg Schlitz in Hessen for beets hard, even back to the conventional beet.