H Stern Jewelry Review

Many women are fascinated by jewelry! They are objects of desire, are on the list of the top gifts which let any woman with a powerful visual! The H. Stern is one of the brands of vip jewels that always brings design and fashion trends throughout the world. Brazilian pride! Other jewelry companies and even jewelry look up to their releases.

Katie Holmes, one of the most famous actresses of Hollywood, is the star of the new campaign of the H. Stern Jewelry.

The pieces are part of the collection “Ancient America” (America). The H. Stern Jewelry was photographed by Tom Munro. This is the second campaign of the actress for the Brazilian jewelry brand.

The brand brings its campaign image of a classic and sensual woman. The parts contribute to producing this chic and refined atmosphere, with a contemporary twist. The campaign shows a strong tendency for earrings, bracelets and rings. The geometric design appears in several parts. Geometry with glamour!

Katie Holmes enhances the beauty of the pieces with sensual makeup, with well marked brows and enamel nude. Not to mention the piercing eyes and great skin.

The wholesale jewels in graphite and the traditional gold are the stakes of the H. Stern to the jewels of the season.

The earrings are beautiful! And that necklace that falls behind Holmes? Wonderful!

The coolest thing is that the jewelry shows create objects with identity, modern and sophisticated. It is a pity that they are not accessible to all women.

The jewelry from H. Stern is simple, elegant and stunning to conquer all kind of woman!

I want to know what you think! What did you think of the jewels of the campaign of H. Stern? Comment now!

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