Gucci: with soft colors in the winter

, Beryls, morganite and diamond unite in the fine jewelry collection by Gucci to magical trinkets that radiate elegance and lightness. The noble gems shine in warm pastel colours and show attention to detail. Central motif is the bridle clip, which characterizes the Horsebit line and out comes also in the luxury variant as a distinctive feature of style.

Eye-catcher in the limited Horsebit cocktail jewelry set are the teardrop-shaped morganite, by 169 diamonds (21.88 ct.)  be framed. Four Horsebit motifs act as a stylish version for the beautiful coloured gemstones. In the ring, 16 diamonds surround the morganite. The fine gems are made in white gold 750 and appear in elfin elegance.

Darker and richer the pieces from the Horsebit Beverly collection, Brown diamonds in yellow gold 750 setting the tone in the spotlight. Earrings, pendants and bracelet are in harmony and demonstrate luxurious sportiness.

Presents the three-piece set of jewelry Rosé quite Horsebit cocktail of sparkling Morganittropfen, champagne-colored diamonds and pink gold 750 (cover image). Lovers of cool colors find their favorites in a set with wasserfarbenem Beryl, perhaps. As in the other collections also, determine also the typical bridle slides design.

All jewelry pieces of fine jewelry collection is unique, manufactured according to strict specifications by highly skilled craftsmen and goldsmiths in Northern Italy. The design was penned by Creative Director Frida Giannini.

Photos: Gucci