Government Members More Frequently With Disposable Phones Abroad

According to the mirror, Government members and high officials during official trips abroad for fear of a spying of increasingly disposable cell phones use. This also applies to travel to the United States.

When traveling abroad, it can give members of the Federal Government and top officials of these days more common mobile phones, which will be

destroyed after the return. The demand for disposable cell phones not only when traveling to Russia or China, but also visits to countries such as Britain or the United States. That reports the news magazine “Der Spiegel” in its latest issue.

Apparently, the increase was due to increased fear of interceptions that occurred after the sniffer activities Western intelligence agencies such as the American NSA or the British GCHQ. The risk of mobile modifications but long known according to the news service: the Federal Office for security in information technology (BSI) had Federal Ministers, Secretaries of State and other high-ranking government officials already ten years ago warned to take their own mobile phones to travel. Because they often would have to be submitted to confidential discussions, insist the danger of manipulation through the backdoor play of a spy software.

It is advisable so the BSI in a fact sheet, to take an unused mobile phone and transfer only the necessary data. The reminder was beaten apparently often according to the report, in the wind. Recent revelations in the NSA scandal had led to a rethink. He will give according to security sources quoted by the mirror “clear signals that it has become sensitive”.

However, this does not apply for all members of the Government. So, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel most recently with their own mobile phones were flown to Cuba and China, writes the magazine. The two politicians of the SPD would make sure according to employees from their environment but “that her cell phone not get into the wrong hands”. (With material of the dpa) / (thl)