Google Will Dismiss Another 10% of The Staff of Motorola Mobility

Google is releasing ballast with Motorola. The American company suffered significant cuts during 2012, among which we highlight the close division in Spain, today, we learned that he will dismiss 1,200 employees, 10% of the workforce.

An amount that must be added to the 4,000 layoffs aunciados in August at Motorola Mobility. On this occasion, the delegations involved in the new casualties are those of China, India and the United States, countries where it will continue to operate.

They are probably not the latest news we have about scrapbooking, in search of profitable ask the legendary telecommunications company. As we have from the WSJ, the communication within the company is optimistic, but needed resets costs in and out of markets where they do not make money:

We are very optimistic about the new products that we have planned, but we still face many challenges, and our costs are very high, operating in markets where we are not competitive

The news comes to light at a time in which the own Google has been giving sticks to the company, reviewing bad inheritance of products that are found to make the purchase. 2013 seems as a year of transition for Motorola, and it seems that until the coming year you will not see things with better color. Regardless of the existence of X Phone.