Google Secures Itself Against Sharks

In order to optimise relations around the globe, Google has the cable on the seabed, but they are in danger of sharks.

Google Secures Itself Against Sharks

It is not just the first thing you think of, if one were to ask Google to mention things that pose a threat, but nevertheless will be Google attacked by sharks. In any case, the wires, Google has lying on the ocean floor.

In order to provide fast connections between the continents, as Google has some fiber wires, which lies across the sea floor, and they are a favorite target of sharks.

That’s why Google had to augmenting the cables, so that they can stick to the big fish’s attempt to get a quick dinner with Android smartphone.

Some researchers believe that it is the electric and magnetic fields, these cables creates, which attracts sharks. The sharks think simply, it is a prey.

Google is not a company totally without humor, among other things, seen by their aprilsnarre, so they have since also the next step is clear: to ensure the Internet against a sharknado or two.