Google Reached an Agreement in The Lawsuit against Motorola Immersion

Today, and more after seeing the fierce battles in the courts worldwide between Apple and Samsung patent issues (and pride, but not recognize it), it seems rare to find some sanity, so we continue on the path of million-dollar patent lawsuits, but this time with a slightly different ending.

Immersion is widely known for all its patents relating to haptic technology (the vibration when you write on the keyboard of the phone, for example).

As well, in May of this year Immersion sued Motorola for the violation of several patents relating to this area, fortunately Google, which bought the mobile phone company for 12,500 million dollars for year and a half, he did not want to go through the courts and has decided that the best thing was to get to a settlement with the party complainant.

Although the number of Mountain View have paid for the agreement and licenses you have purchased, surely are not known He has not left them cheap. In the words of the CEO of Immersion, Victor Viegas:

The satisfactory resolution of this case is a critical step in our global strategy of enforcing and monetize our intellectual property, including basic haptic, and we are very excited to have been able to reach an agreement that is consistent with our business model, which is based on charging royalties for each unit sold.

In addition, the CEO has concluded making it clear that they will continue to exercise their rights of intellectual property at the same time to continue innovating and creating new technologies and solutions for mobile devices. Emphasizing once again the importance of the agreement, which according to him, valid investments I have been doing by your company so far in the mobile telephony market.