Google Maps of Apple through Motorola Mocks

The week we leave today has been really intense for Apple: the company has put on sale (with logical success) its new iPhone 5 in the main international markets which tend to initially launch its innovations.

But at the same time, the popular Apple company is receiving such barrage of negative reviews due to its new system of iOS 6 maps (created with technology maps Tom Tom), or possibly they should be able to digest it properly (in fact have asked patience).

As if it wasn’t enough, now, after receive “sticks” and taunts by absolutely all the network (there are exclusive pages devoted to it), one of the last to join the Act of pointing the finger at Apple and laughing has been neither more nor less than Google, through Motorola, Of course.

Yesterday Motorola distributed, on his official Twitter account, a new promotional poster on the new Motorola RAZR M, one of its most powerful innovations for smartphones. Here all right. All love, and such.

The joke comes when we see that ad is a “disguised” excuse to attack directly to the new “heel of Achilles” of Apple’s system: Motorola shows us a slogan which reads: “the world real ideal for your hand”.

Below are a Motorola RAZR M with Google Maps marking a location and to your left, it appears nothing less than the footballer iPhone 5 with that same location, (poorly located on the map, clear) and added the hashtag #iLost (iPerdido). Since then are tweeting comments “ humorous ” / alluding to the cause that include the hashtag.

As we do not know When will Apple straighten course maps to let world challenge its new system without the help of Google, I think (and this is a personal opinion, throw knives, but fondly) that Google is in your hand a golden opportunity to give a great coup if really you can introduce your own Google Maps application on the App Store for iOS. Be a huge hit for Apple (at home), given the situation.

In the end, to see if we can sneak him to Telecinco idea for a program on the world of mobile telephony (see future to the topic thanks to news like this). He materialize well there, right? (and, if they hire us some few, eat free and live in the afternoons while we say the first thing that comes to mind … and blaze us insults … or mobile to head … [to test its durability] #idea #utopía). Well, I stop already.