Glamour week: Gucci Diamantissima collection

Gucci – Diamantissima rings with email

With new pieces of jewellery, Gucci expanded line of the Diamantissima collection, which has designed Creative Director Frida Giannini the gold jewelry. The new products, which complement the well-known trio of Diamantissima gold rings, one 18-carat gold chain with matching long earrings. Like the three rings are also the tropfenförmigem pendant necklace and the matching earrings with the delicate, famous openwork pattern. The Diamnatissima pattern is crossed way, was built in the 1930s and was the original signature of the Florentine House. The cross-shaped arrangement of the pattern was a precursor of the famous GG logo, that represents one of Gucci’s most iconic motifs.

For other variations, the pattern with black or white enamel is filled. Gucci has for it specifically deals with the technique of the cathedrals-email. Gucci Jewelry uses this technique for the first time and can be run by experienced craftsmen. Each piece is individually made, where the email is carefully applied by hand. The name „ cathedrals email “ has arisen because the finished pieces reminiscent of the window a cathedral.

Gucci chain Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €1.690,00
Gucci ring Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €775,00
Gucci Ring Diamantissima, 18 k GG with enamel black or white, price: €795,00
Gucci earring Diamantissima, 18 KT., price: €1450.00
Gucci earring Diamantissima, 18 KT. GG with black enamel o. w., price: €1.790,00

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