Holiday Makeup Tips

When we visit Christmas markets, mulled wine, cinnamon and orange scent in the air is, then time flies up to the feast days in the fly. Many of us worry about the holiday outfit. If so do thoughts to his outfit, why not then also about matching makeup?

But don’t worry, thinking you have to make any more to your makeup. For you, I have indeed a very simple glamour look for the holidays makeup, is quickly made and can make up in many colors.

Eye-up: Dark blue holiday glamour

I have decided, due to the outfit for a dark blue makeup. Especially festive color variants would be for example in different shades of green (olive, Emerald, Russian…), berries, or copper tones.


The base plays in this eye-up (short: AMU) an important role. Of course you can also omit these. It can be used however the intensify of the AMU’s and the following order of eye shadow. For the base, I use a slightly creamy eyeshadow in pencil form, since this process can easily with the finger on the lid.

Tip: Alternatively you can use also a white, Brown or black pencil. The color should be tuned on the eye shadow which will follow imnächsten step. The eyeshadow is so bright (gold, copper), then the white eye liner is suitable. Accordingly to the dark shades are suitable for dark colors.

Eye shadow

Now follows the eye shadow job. I tupfe the color on the lid and verreibe them only slightly. Because the more often you processed the eyeshadow on the lid, the resulting color is less intense. The process can repeat so quiet and “layers”. For a nice result, I carry in addition black eye shadow in the outer corner of the eyelid.

Beware: if you chose bright eyeshadow, you should use colors for the “contour” that match your color scheme.

So that the look is expressive, I put highlights with a shimmering eye shadow inside the eye. The power of this simple trick is often underestimated. For a glamour look I find particularly important this step. As you can see, the look is far from finished. It is especially festive with the next:

Eyeliner & eyebrows

A festive glamour look is made up not only on the lid, but also on the lower Lashline. Here I do but just like on the lid: first I Makeover with a bright eye liner (in the case of green) the water line and the lash. I tupfe the same eyeshadow on the Lashline, then verblende him.

I also strongly emphasize the eyebrows. For this I use a gel which I carry on with a synthetic brush.

Makeup for the Glam look

Finally, I wear the Foundation. The follow are concealer, powder and Rouge. I konturiere my face with dark powder, since that is very much in a round face like mine.

In the last step I used paste Mac my lips with the erase, to achieve the effect of nude lips.

The simple test of lipstick

I can decide also for a lipstick, however I was not sure, whether it a) would be maybe too much and b) what tone should I use. If you ever faced with this question, get a part in your lipstick colors and hold it on the face. So you can assess whether the color fits or whether the lipstick would be “too much of good thing”. Alternatively, you can draw a line with your lipstick on a tissue and use it for this purpose.

A trivial but reliable trick!