Girl Pregnancy

Throughout the pregnancy, many doubts and questions assault the head of the future mother. One of these questions is whether you are pregnant with a girl or a boy.

Girl Pregnancy

Then you can learn a little more about how to know if it is a girl’s pregnancy, and what characteristics define the female gender of your baby. Check out.

Girl Pregnancy

The life of the future baby begins at fertilization, a phenomenon that joins the egg and the sperm, giving birth to the egg.

For this, both the father and the mother contribute 23 pairs of chromosomes, where the DNA of each of them is stored.

It is the union of these chromosomes that will define the characteristics of the future baby. To be a girl’s pregnancy, the sex chromosome pair must be XX. The boys already have an XY pair.

You see, the X chromosome is always present because the woman’s egg has only this chromosome, while the sperm can have the X or Y.

How to know if it is girl pregnancy?

There are several ways to know if it is girl pregnancy. The most common is through the visualization of an ultrasound.

From the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby’s sexual organs begin to develop, and as such, when they are visible, it is possible to know if it is a girl’s or boy’s pregnancy.

However, it is only around the 17th week that one can already see the sex of the baby with some degree of certainty.

There are several popular methods used to try to know more in advance whether it is girl or boy pregnancy.

The frequency and intensity of nausea, belly size or shape, or even less conventional techniques, such as ring testing.

However, all these methods are myths, which due to the 50/50 probabilities sometimes hit.

To be able to know if it is girl or boy pregnancy in advance, there are scientific ways to do so.

Through a blood test, from the 8th week of gestation, it is possible to detect fetal DNA in the blood.

So, if this does not contain specific sequences of Y chromosomes, then it is a girl pregnancy.