Wall Stickers for Home Decoration

You are the best person to know how it would look best in your home. Take a look at the visual of your living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms. Be surprised at the various places that’d be beautiful to the proposal of the stickers. For this, we want the environments that we propose are only a guide for you to inspire; try applying the drawings in new environments; for example on the couch, chair or office.

The chic is to stay in fashion with a comfortable and cozy space.

Fashion is an unwritten rule that affects our way of dressing and our home. Fashion makes us feel the taste with what we use, we are. So, customize and plan your home the way so you know and like. When you don’t find more interesting the drawings that compose, change! Renew your home easily in the same way as trade a curtain or a frame. Remember: its walls are living beings and application of adhesives does not damage.

Stylish Rose Wall Sticker


* Do not use more than two or three colors in your home, with the goal of having a balanced and harmonious environment.

* The warm and bright colors (yellow, red, orange) from bridgat wall murals are the most suitable for a North-oriented House, while a place oriented to the South would accept the pastels.

* In small places are indicated the cold colors, complemented with white tones. In contrast, the very wide spaces can use vibrant colors and warm for the visual effect of the walls closer together.

* According to the activities of the members of the family are recommended some shades. The rooms are ideal for lighter patches and relaxing. While in the kitchen and breakfast nook can be decorated with more vibrant colors, such as red or orange, because arouse the appetite.

Fantastic is that you explore your creativity by creating welcoming environments that adapt to your tastes and needs. We can advise you with your remodeling and creating montages of how would the environment.


If you purchased any figure that doesn’t start from the ground (e.g. geometric figures), we advise you to always place the 1.60 m from the floor. Trace diagonals so that object is centered in the space. Why? At this point if creates an environment balanced, it is necessary to cause the best impression of balance and beauty in your guests.

geometric wall sticker

We offer versatility to choose between several measures for you to adapt the design that you like in different places or objects.