Georg Spreng Jewelry

To present Maundy Thursday we thought, we show you just a few beautiful pieces of jewelry and watches in green! Not only because the name fits so nicely, but also and especially because green – more accurate: Emerald Green – was chosen this year by the American company PANTONE colour trend. Trend or not, is a fact: Green relaxes and makes satisfied. Green stands for hope, endurance and tolerance. You can read in the new color flyer of TeNo, because the Pforzheim design brand opts for this year also color.

Last but not least, green is also the color on which we particularly pleased after the dreary winter. It may be too light or Apple green. Pieces of jewellery where the splash of color can be exchanged are practical. Where this is possible, you can learn more in the below Gallery.

Who can’t get enough of colour, the want to we the great and Grand jewelry pieces by Georg Spreng at the heart place. The designer from Schwäbisch Gmünd imposed when designing any restrictions, but lets his creativity free rein. Opulent gems in large-volume jewelry pieces are his trademark. Also with gold and Platinum is not saved – as little as with humor, as names such as ice cream cone ring or eye ring suggests. The jewelry sculptures of Georg Spreng are what remains in any case in memory. But there are also smaller pieces for not quite as bold jewelry wearers, tease out the best thing about the gemstone and despite all modesty bearing the unmistakable signature of the designer. There is talk of Balcombe, trailers and rings that can be combined – if it may be something more but once