Geometric Printed Party Dress Jennifer Connelly

See The Geometric Printed Party Dress Of The Actress Jennifer Connelly Used At The Berlin Festival.

Jennifer Connelly is a very famous actress for your character in the movie “a beautiful mind” Oscar winner that year. But it also rocks out of big screen.

At the Berlin Film Festival, Jennifer Connelly opted to use a geometric printed party dress in the colors black and white, super different and full of personality.

This party dress stamped geometric has many interesting elements and which deserve to be highlighted here. First, the geometric print is the bodice, which also has a nipslip modern. To create harmony in the look, the skirt has lighter fabrics in the colors of the bodice, black and white.

Where To Buy Party Dress Stamped Geometric?

It’s really not easy to find a long gown printed with geometric, most online stores what else are party dresses for ballads and cocktails with such prints. Check out the options below of geometric patterned party dresses. If you want more information on prices, sizes and etc, just click on the picture.

Options Of Geometric Printed Party Dress
#1 Geometric Printed Party Dress

This cocktail dress features its geometric drawings stamped inclined diagonally, while the silhouette. In addition, has silverylight, giving more modern dress. This dress is ideal for a more chic and perfect for the woman who wants to hide the chubbiness.

#2 Geometric Printed Party Dress

This printed party dress features a geometric modeling that makes retro. Your own supply on the leaves as well. This cocktail dress has a discreet neckline and the points that stand out are the shoulders and legs, disguising the tummy.

#3 Geometric Printed Party Dress

This geometric printed party dress is the boldest of the presented here. The geometric pattern forms a longitudinal strip stretches the silhouette.

In addition, contribute to leave the body and especially the waist more thin, the black fabric on the ends and left and the skirt lightly evasê. This party dress is very suitable for ballads and cocktails.

#4 Geometric Printed Party Dress

This geometric printed trend party dress is suitable for both ballads and cocktails, forming a look that will call the attention for the boldness and elegance. Its main highlight is the colour of geometric shapes, emphasizing the waist and the knees. This pattern resembles stained glass Windows.

With That Makeup I’m Going With My Party Dress Stamped Geometric?

The looks with the colors black and white usually combine very well with a nice red lipstick. If you like to draw more attention, use a lipstick more alive, but if you’re more discreet use a lipstick with the color by pulling the coral. Check out some options.